Friday, January 28, 2005

Another Bear, and a Request

Katie O. finished her bear! And he's dressed appropriately for the weekend weather in the Carolinas, which is supposed to be cold and icy. This is Katie J. saying that he is one cute bear, and Katie O.'s baby is one lucky little guy to have this bear waiting for him.

Now, we have a special request to you bloggers who have yet to complete your bear. As we had noted when we began this knitalong, we were planning to be finished by the end of January. This is mainly because Katie O. and Katie J. are expecting babies and about to pop, or getting pretty close to that point, anyway. Would anyone participating like to move the blog to another host, and start maintaining the updates? We're not sure how to move the blog, but Katie J. currently has it on her Typepad account and would be glad to provide the files to whomever wants to take over. Please consider this, and email Katie J. at katiejohnsonATbellsouthDOTnet if you're able and willing.

We've had a lot of fun doing this knitalong, and hope y'all have, as well.


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