Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Finished Bear

Katie J. has finished her Stars and Stripes Bear from Teddy Bears by Debbie Bliss. He finished out at about 16 inches tall. She used Rowan Wool/Cotton for the bear's body and for the flag pattern on the sweater, and Rowan DK Tweed for the main part of the sweater. Here he is:


She probably will still re-do the seams on his feet. And she breathes a sigh of relief, because she had to give this guy to her mom for Christmas with no head and half of a sweater! Thankfully, her mom thought he was cute anyway. But now he can be sent on, fully complete. (Katie notes that due to the construction of this bear-and most in the Debbie Bliss book-he isn't a good candidate for a toddler to play with. She plans to knit a Bobbi Bear for her son in the near future.)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Headless Bear (Knitalonger Update)

Katie J. worked on her Debbie Bliss bear over the holiday weekend and here is what she has so far:


She's considering re-seaming the feet, because she doesn't like the way they turned out. There's some stuffing trying to escape. Now all he needs is a head!

Any other progress updates that we need to share? We hope everyone is doing well and wish all of the knitalongers a happy 2005!

Monday, December 20, 2004

More colorful than the average bear!

Wow! Brynne has finished her Noro Kureyon bear (almost)! Take a look at the progress shots she took. This is a really cute bear. The colors alone are guaranteed to make someone happy.

Here are all of the pieces, ready for seaming.

Here is the bear, now in only 8 pieces.

And finally, here is the seamed-up bear, lacking only his face!

Great job, Brynne!

In other news, Katie J. has picked her Debbie Bliss Stars and Stripes bear back up and is working on the arms. She has a 9-10 hour road trip planned for later on in the week, so she will have plenty of time to finish her bear if all goes as planned. (BTW, Katie J. has given up on blogging for a while, so if you happen to notice her blog "Knits and Grits" is gone, that's why. Just no time at the moment, and she forsees even less time of her own to do such things in the future. The idea (and quickly-approaching reality) of two babies under the age of 2 is starting to freak her out.)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blogless Bears

Marjorie Brigham sent us the most adorable bear photos. Marjorie doesn't have a blog, but she would probably love to hear your compliments. The pattern is "Beary Bears" from The Knitting Needle.



Aren't they cute? Great job, Marjorie!