Thursday, February 17, 2005

a finished bear!

i finished my bear! of course, being the LOON that i am, i left my camera at the boyfriend's house, so no pictures for now. but here's the details:

pattern: last minute gifts (book)
yarn: unbrand-name ebay wool
needles 4.5 dpn's
modifications - a. done on dpn's, b. attached the arms with raglan shoulders instead of sewing them onto the body after stuffing
time: less than a week! (probably a total of about 9 hours actual work time)

this is a belated valentines gift for the boy, and i customized the bear with a heart embroidered on its chest, in the same style as the heart tattoo'd on my boy's chest. i'm QUITE happy with the end result!

pics as soon as i can! i'm casting on another one tonight :)